04.10.2019 – 09.07.2021

In the occasion of the artistic intervention FOR FOREST – The Unending Attraction of Nature (2019) by Klaus Littmann the special exhibition BAUM....SCHAU shows 15 works from the Kollitsch Collection as well as loaned items linked to the broad area of trees, woods, nature and environment. A range of artistic approaches have been selected, representing an in-depth look at this thematic area. The different works take a variety of forms, expressing the way nature is treated by humans and how it has been impacted by mankind. 

By definition, nature is largely defined as the opposite of culture. This exhibition shows the relationship of cause and effect between human interference into nature and the resulting consequences, while also highlighting the human desire for its beauty and unadulterated purity.

The exhibition focuses on the relationship between the different artists’ works and permits the viewer to take a conscious and differentiated look at nature – from viewing woods as recreational spaces, through the extraction of resources to an understanding of nature as a mirror of society.

Includes works by Dietmar Franz, Eva Jospin, Jens Liebchen, Max Peintner/Klaus Littmann and Brandy Brandstätter/Kollitsch.