04.10.2019 – 09.07.2021

The annual exhibition at KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH, which is always held on a major scale, is now the sixth of its kind. As on all previous occasions, SHOW....6 is true to its ambition, seeking to provide the public with access to the Kollitsch Collection, yet also creating a special environment for the workforce of the group under the motto “Art in the Workplace”.

Over the last few years new contemporary items have been continually integrated into the collection, while some of the existing artists’ collections have also been increased. As collectors, Sigrun and Günther Kollitsch seek to be open towards all new things – a disposition that shows itself in the broad spectrum of items chosen and which creates a coherent, subjectively defined thread running through the entire collection.

KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH opened its doors to its first exhibition, SCHAU….1, on 30 September 2014. It ran until 3 July 2015, moving in hitherto unknown terrain, as it was not at all obvious at the beginning how the requirements of a public exhibition on corporate premises could be reconciled with running a business. Even at the time, this first show assumed sizeable proportions, featuring 69 works by 22 artists. Since then the number of exhibits has almost doubled, and the most recent exhibition alone, SCHAU….5 (1 October 2018 to 5 July 2019) recorded far above a thousand visitors, offering not only regular guided tours and an exhibition catalogue, but also an opportunity to experience each work on mobile devices, using a specially developed KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH app.

For the first time, SCHAU….6 will be held alongside a special exhibition entitled BAUM….SCHAU, using the same exhibition space. Based on the temporary artistic intervention For Forest – The Unending Attraction of Nature (2019) by Klaus Littmann, the BAUM….SCHAU will feature 15 exhibits from the Kollitsch Collection as well as loaned items on the wide-ranging subject of trees, woodlands, nature and the environment. A range of artistic approaches have been selected, representing an in-depth look at this area. The different works take a variety of forms, expressing the way nature is treated and has been impacted by humans.

By definition, nature is largely seen as the opposite of civilisation. This exhibition shows the relationship of cause and effect between human interference with nature and the resulting consequences, while also highlighting the human desire for its beauty and unadulterated purity. The exhibition focuses on the relationship between the different artists’ works and permits the viewer to take a conscious and differentiated look at nature – from viewing woods as recreational spaces, through the extraction of resources to an understanding of nature as a mirror of society.

The exhibition SCHAU….6 (4 October 2019 to 10 July 2020) comprises 126 works by 45 international contemporary artists who have entered into some exciting interaction with one another, opening up interesting perspectives. New works by both established and young artists from the Kollitsch Collection as well as loaned items from artists, art galleries and private owners have been gathered into a heterogeneous exhibition that reflects the broad orientation of the collection.

Participating artists:

Rozbeh Asmani | Hubert Becker | Hans Bischoffshausen | Brandy Brandstätter | Julius Brauckmann | Ulu Braun | Sandro Chia | Lutz Driessen | Cédric Eisenring | Jan Paul Evers | Christian Flora | Dietmar Franz | Jakob Gasteiger | Michela Ghisetti | Bruno Gironcoli | Jochem Hendricks | Andy Holtin | Soli Kiani | Peter Klare | Alina Kunitsyna | Hans Kupelwieser | Ulrich Lamsfuss | Tina Lechner | Mevlana Lipp | Peter Lohmeyer | Constantin Luser | Klaus Merkel | Sissa Micheli | Ferdinand Neumüller | Olga Pedan | Ulrich Pester | Peter Pongratz | Damir Radović | Thomas Rentmeister | Markus Riebe | Megan Rooney | Evan Roth | Robert Schad | Eva Schlegel | Ralph Schuster | Hayley Aviva Silverman | Tracey Snelling | Nina Rike Springer | Laura Stadtegger | Ina Weber


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