1 October 2021 – 8 July 2021

As the usual exhibition schedule of the KUNSTHAUS : had to be interrupted for a whole year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now all the more pleased to resume our annual exhibition programme with the SCHAU....7.

During the pandemic-related deadlock, when everything ground to a halt (including our annual exhibition), it was particularly noticeable how the atmosphere of contemporary art that unites the Kunsthaus with the world of work has become an inextricable part of our office environment. After the last exhibition ended, our staff missed the presence of new, exciting works of art in the building and the impulses they provide in our daily routine. Visitors also remarked on the absence of the positive stimulus that comes from our regular exhibition setting. Last but not least, without an audience to look at them, the artworks themselves were forced to wait patiently for their reawakening.

Especially during these socially distant times, when it easily happens that people drift apart, art offers us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in new worlds of thought and communication and can function as a link with others as well as with ourselves by initiating an open, tolerant discourse about what we have seen.

With 84 works by 33 artists, the exhibition SCHAU….7 is the seventh annual exhibition to be held at the KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH. Located in the headquarters of the Kollitsch group of companies, a listed building, the Kunsthaus links contemporary art to the world of work. Our annual exhibitions are designed around our collection, showcasing works from the Kollitsch collection as well as loans.


Maria Anwander & Ruben Aubrecht | Rozbeh Asmani | Cornelia Baltes | Alfredo Barsuglia | Ulu Braun | Sandi Červek | Caroline Wells Chandler | Sophie Dvořák | Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout | Jan Paul Evers | Dietmar Franz | Christian Freudenberger | Vivian Greven | Soli Kiani | Jakob Lena Knebl | Suse Krawagna | Eric Kressnig | Jens Liebchen | Axel Lieber | Constantin Luser | Arnold Odermatt | Bernd Oppl | Aitor Ortiz | Thomas Rentmeister | Megan Rooney | Eva Schlegel | Toni Schmale | Paul Spendier | Nina Rike Springer | Esther Stocker | Anna Virnich


Katharina Boesch and Andreas Krištof (Kurator:innen-Kollektiv section.a).


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